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WA Board Members



Damien Moran

SCA (WA) Board Member


Damien has over 34 years of technical and business experience in the mechanical services, building efficiency and “Energy in Property” services. He is Managing Director of Energy-Tec and a current Board Member of SCA. His specialist area of expertise is in energy operations, management and reporting for Embedded Energy Networks and the future proofing property assets in readiness for electrification and reducing emissions reductions. Damien is actively involved as a key stakeholder in energy policy advocacy representing the interests of the Strata Community
Damien Moran Image.png

To improve the governance of SCA (WA), all Board members have for disclosure of conflict of interest completed a Register of Interests. Also, to reinforce what is implicit in being a Board Member they have signed a Duties & Responsibilities of Board Members. Further, Board has adopted a Code of Professional Conduct for Council Members, similarly to the way SCA (WA) has standards for members.

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