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WA Election Priorities

SCA (WA) have announced the three Election Priorities for the 2021 WA State

Election, identifying the primary areas for consideration.

Election Priorities.png

Priority One: Create a Strata Helpline


Create a strata helpline to properly deliver timely and accurate advice to the more than 250,000 consumers grappling with complex strata issues. 

Current mechanisms are failing with no place to direct strata enquiries, particularly when strata laws and legislation require interpretation by experienced strata or legal experts. 


We are asking the Western Australian Government to resource an effective advisory service to offer strata community advice to non-members. SCA (WA) estimates this grant would need to be approximately $300,000 per year

Priority Two: Improve Consumer Protections on Buildings


Improve consumer protection from building defects by adopting measures to license or better regulate contractors.


Across Australia, building defect issues have plagued consumers, the most high-profile of which being cladding issues and water defects.


The Western Australian Government should increase the amount of certification required by builders and developers as they construct buildings. SCA is calling for certification as slabs are being poured, and water
membranes applied, as well as a review into licensing and professional standards for the contractors carrying out that work.

The Western Australian Government should also extend the requirement for warranties and insurance from buildings up to three storeys, to all buildings, to hold builders and developers accountable for defects. 

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Priority Three: Take action to make strata insurance more available and affordable


Strata insurance, especially in the more remote parts of Western Australia, is difficult to obtain and in many cases, very unaffordable.


With premiums far exceeding the national averages, and increases of up to 300%, we’re calling on the Western Australian government to take action to provide immediate relief to people taking out strata insurance.

In line with one of the recommendations in the ACCC report, we are asking the Western Australian government to remove stamp duties for strata insurance, which will immediately provide up to a 10% discount on the amount paid by policyholders.

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