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Learn about the ‘Naked Truth’ of Energy Billing in WA

Our lives are made of bills which we often pay without too much thought. However, with energy prices increasing and cost of living pressures its time to educate ourselves on where we can save on energy costs and contribute to sustainable sources of energy generation.

There is a significant knowledge gap about energy consumption and cost within the property industry in WA. Damien Moran (Managing Director of Energy-Tec) has partnered with Scott Bellerby (Managing Director of B Strata and B Complex) to develop a three-part info series which looks to lift the lid and provide the naked truth about varying purchasing and distribution models that impact energy costs.

The objective is to help lot owners and scheme councils understand how energy is charged within their building and the various purchasing and distribution models available to them, then ultimately, how this effects the price they pay.

The links below will take you to each of the three part video series. A copy of the white paper can be requested via this link: Request Whitepaper

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