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Is your pool costing you more than it should?

Did you know your pool can lose more than 10,000 L of water per month, just by evaporation? When your pool water evaporates, not only do you lose water, you also lose the chemicals in the water. This costs you more money and time to fill the pool, and balance its chemistry to keep it healthy.

Pool covers prevent evaporation, saving you money on water, salt and chemicals and energy! If you don’t have one already, your pool is probably costing more than it should.

Save on Water! Save up to 99.84% of water loss from evaporation with a pool cover! When your pool water is exposed to the heat, wind and air, it evaporates. A pool cover acts as a protective barrier from these elements, stopping your water from disappearing. This means you don’t have to fill it up as often, saving you on your water bill!

Save on chemicals and salt! Chlorine and other chemicals degrades under UV light. Pool covers reduce the amount of UV light hitting the water, which means your chemicals last for longer. When you top up your pool to replace the evaporated water, your pool becomes unbalanced and requires more chemicals or salt to keep it healthy. Invest in a pool cover for a simple, effective solution to save money on chemicals!


  • If you use liquid chlorine, you will find you use significantly less with a pool cover, saving you substantially.

  • If you have a saltwater pool, you will save money on energy, as your chlorinator won’t have to work as much to replenish the lost sanitiser.

Save on energy! Pool covers can increase the temperature of your pool, as well as insulate your pools’ water to prevent a significant amount of heat loss. This can reduce your pool heating costs by up to 50%! As pool covers can deep dirt, dust and debris out, it also saves you energy on the equipment required to clean it.

Got water restrictions? A pool cover saves up to 99.84% of water loss from evaporation, so you won’t have to be constantly topping up your pool water. This makes a huge difference, especially if your area has water restrictions. In fact, in many areas with water restrictions, a pool cover has now become compulsory if you want to top up your pool.

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