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How We Stopped Leaks and Water Ingress from Waste Pipe in a Multi-Storey Complex

When it comes to cracked or broken drains in a multi-storey complex, finding the pipe and replacing them can become a costly exercise. With drains cast into concrete slabs and walls affecting multiple residents, it is not just fixing a pipe but considering structural issues with walls and reinstatement costs to hallways, bathrooms, kitchens, and floors.

That was the case for the owners of a Strata Plan in East Perth, WA. The complex has 11 units over four levels, and they were experiencing water ingress to the front foyer, fully established once they removed the skirting, out of a weep hole onto a balcony and inside units. Water was damaging carpet and skirtings, and getting to the bottom of the cause was starting to frustrate the council of owners.

A member of the council of owners, Inge Schaefer had heard of Tunnel Vision through being a member of the Strata Community Association (SCA) WA and attending various events. Inge reached out to us after having a plumber attend the site for an initial inspection and he advised that he was not able to fix the issue. Inge and the plumber remembered Tunnel Vision and contact was made.


Initial Investigations

Getting to the Cause of the Problem

We visited the site, and after an initial investigation using our CCTV pipe inspection and drain camera, we discovered that one of the pipes had a blockage and the waste pipes had cracked, allowing wastewater to seep out into wall cavities and concrete slabs. This is what was contributing to the water ingress and damage.

Repaired the Pipes Without Interrupting Daily Life

To completely replace the pipes could have meant major construction works and would have required structural engineers to provide assuredly that they could cut into the concrete slabs and walls, which was not a desired option. Instead, we were able to find the cause, reline the pipes for a permanent solution that required minor disruption, while residents were able to carry on with normal life.


With water ingress from three pipes and various locations in our building, the fear of having to do major construction work was somewhat daunting. Timing was imminent as we did not wish to have more damage internally to walls and flooring. Tunnel Vision gave us hope that we may be able to reline the pipes for a permanent solution. With the site and pipe inspections it was agreed that a reline to all three pipes was the best course of action. A sigh of relief and a saving to our reserve funds.


Providing a Solution

Pipe Relining Means Minimal Disruption

Starting from the kitchen and laundry waste pipes for access into the sewer system, we utilised our CCTV drainage cameras to locate the underslung drains in the basement carpark. This allowed us to get a rope through the drainage system and pull in place our Nuflow Blueline pipe relining system. In total we relined three waste pipes over the course of five months. Despite the difficulties in arranging access to the different sections of drain pipes in various units, we made only a few small, localised cut-ins to the pipework for access and ease of installation.

Non-Intrusive Pipe Relining Services in a Customer Focus Manner

Even though these are small pipes, they were causing major problems for the owners.

If we did not find a solution that was suitable for the owners, stop the water ingress and damage, then the repairs would have escalated. The exploratory work and resultant damage caused may result in an insurance claim.


The Tunnel Vision team were on-time, friendly, professional, skilled, kept us informed of each issue and how they were going to resolve it to ensure we were comfortable with the process. They rescheduled one of our jobs to ensure the water ingress was resolved as it was affecting two units below and we wanted to minimise the damage. We were appreciative of their prompt service.


Say Goodbye to Water Damage to your Property and Possibly Major Insurance Claims with Tunnel Vision

The owners of Haig Park Circle are now able to enjoy life free from constant water damage and have been able to say goodbye to the regular callouts looking for leaks in the three pipes.

Tired of recurring leaking or blocked pipes and looking for a permanent solution? Tunnel Vision (WA) Pty Ltd can help. Contact us and talk to our friendly and skilled team to get your damaged pipes sorted today.

This article was brought to you by Tunnel Vision 


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