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SCA (WA) is about bringing together professionals who understand the complex laws that govern strata/survey/strata property, with the people who live and work in strata communities. It also provides education, accreditation, advice, and advocacy to enable greater understanding of the legislative environment and individuals’ rights and obligations

The SCA business directory is a database of suppliers offering goods and services to strata managers, owners, and residents in Australia. It contains a list of businesses providing relevant products such as building maintenance, cleaning, insurance, and legal services. 

SCA (WA) Owner Subscription

The SCA (WA) Subscription is a FREE subscription for owners of strata properties, with ongoing access to our membership benefits, events, education and more. This subscription will provide you access to free and discounted events that will help you to understand strata in Western Australia. As the peak body representing the Strata Industry in WA, we will be focused on adding value to our subscribers. We will be providing informational fact sheets for strata queries on a dedicated FAQ page on our website and you will receive a regular email communication specifically for owners.

Lot owners in strata schemes are invited to join our free subscriber system to keep updated with the latest updates and education. 

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Find a supplier who services or manages strata properties

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The leading voice for those living and working in Strata

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Online Education

Setting the standard for strata education and training

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Best Practice Guide

Changing Strata Managers

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Inside Strata

The unified, dominant voice of Strata in Australia & New Zealand 

Former Online Activities - Recorded

Vodcasts: Committee Conversations

The Committee Vodcasts are conversations with strata committee members and strata experts about how to build effective committees and contemporary issues facing committees. The focus of our conversations will be around the human factors rather than the legal requirements.

Guest Speakers

+ Nicholas Abbey, Strata Activist & Advocate

+ Catherine Lezer, President of SCA WA

+ David Hamilton


Catherine, Nicholas, and David serve on committees and have very different views, almost opposites, just like every committee. But to get on they will need to find common ground to build a relationship so we can work together. So, let’s start by discussing some controversial topics from a list that continues to grow.

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