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It’s a year of CONNECTION for BCB

BCB recognises how important it is to look after all our employees' psychological and emotional wellbeing

Every year, our Employee Health and Wellbeing program has a theme. This year our focus is CONNECTION. And so far, we’ve rolled out three big activities.

Connecting with ourselves

We started the year connecting with ourselves through DISC Assessments, designed to deepen our understanding of ourselves and others. This increased our awareness of our own natural communication and behavioural styles, as well as those of our colleagues, and has helped us build stronger and more effective working relationships.

Connecting with colleagues

Our next activity was using the popular board game, Connect 4, to connect with our colleagues. We combined the game with questions to help people get to know each other better and to encourage interaction with people we don’t typically work directly with.

Connecting with our communities

Our most recent activity was about connecting with communities. As the largest strata insurance broker in Australia, BCB team members work directly alongside people in our community every day. But we took a step further and got to work within these communities to help those who are most vulnerable.

Our Perth team volunteered at Perth City Farm – a 29-year-old Urban Farm enabling connected, sustainable lives. Established on a former industrial site in East Perth, this polluted site has been lovingly rehabilitated by volunteers to become a Western Australian icon for environmental sustainability and community engagement.

The corporate volunteering program offers access to the benefits of time spent outdoors in nature, physical activity, healthy food, and hands-on teamwork. Our day spent planting and gardening made a meaningful contribution to the non-profit community farm so thousands of others can enjoy the special space.

Come and connect with us

As a Platinum sponsor of SCA WA, BCB is proud to support the upcoming Strata Next Gen Conference on 24 November. We’re also sponsoring the Strata Community Management Small Business Award, so if you’re attending, come along and connect with our team at Booth No. 5. You might even win a prize in our business card draw!

We look forward to seeing you there.

This article was brought to you by BCB


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