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WA Board Members



Inge Schaefer

SCA (WA) Board Member

Inge has a diverse background in Insurance and Finance in Australia and Asia.  Inge is a Business Development Manager for CHU Underwriting Agencies and has enjoyed a steep learning curve, joining the strata industry over 3 years ago.  Inge has been actively involved with the SCA WA Industry Understanding Committee, supporting the development of learning events, promoting engagement and exchange of knowledge across the industry.  Certified in change management, Inge believes she can add value working with strata professionals in the ever-changing strata community. 

Inge (1).jpg

To improve the governance of SCA (WA), all Board members have for disclosure of conflict of interest completed a Register of Interests. Also, to reinforce what is implicit in being a Board Member they have signed a Duties & Responsibilities of Board Members. Further, Board has adopted a Code of Professional Conduct for Council Members, similarly to the way SCA (WA) has standards for members.

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