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Complete a Fully Funded Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Strata Community Association (WA)'s Ignite Program will equip the sector with high quality trainers who have strong industry knowledge to ensure the sustainability of Strata

Community Management unit delivery in WA.

The Ignite Program offers an exciting opportunity for WA members to complete a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment with the financial support of SCA (WA). In exchange, these members will engage in the delivery of the essential Strata Community Management training.

What will you gain from the program?

  • SCA (WA) will fully fund the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment with an approved supplier

What is required from you?

  • When you complete the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, you commit to delivering at least 20 hours per year for 2 years with an SCA (WA) partnered Registered Training Organisation (RTO)

  • You will be paid by the RTO for the hours of delivery (under separate arrangement between the RTO and the candidate)

  • Additionally SCA (WA) will pay you an incentive payment of $1,000 to the candidate following successful delivery of 20 hours training each year

How do you nominate for the program?

Simply email to express your interest! Once we have received your email, we will advise what further information required.


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