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Strata Community Association (WA) members will be at the Curtin University Jobs & Employability Week on Monday August 15, hoping to inspire the next generation of strata managers and industry stars.

The week will feature a series of mini job fairs which will change each day and give students the chance to explore different career and employment options.

The SCA (WA) booth will be part of the Business and Commerce Job Fair from 11am to 1pm on August 15, outside Building 108 at the Bentley campus. Jobs & Employability Week activities are free to Curtin students.

SCA (WA) industry experts will be on hand to answer any questions students may have about a career in strata management.

Also check out SCA (WA)’s Careers for Tomorrow online profile here.

SCA (WA) President Catherine Lezer said with the growing popularity of strata properties and developments, it was important the industry looked to the future.

Events such as the Jobs & Employability Week were important to attract good recruits to the industry.

“We’re looking for the next generations of strata managers,” Ms Lezer said. “We want the industry to be as strong as possible going forward.”

Strata managers have a unique skill set that keeps strata titled properties operating.

They support Owners’ Councils to look after their properties; prepare budgets and run annual general meetings; organise maintenance and repairs; and need to be across strata laws, regulations and insurance; among other tasks.


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