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Code of Conduct

SCA (WA) puts emphasis on its members' professionalism, hence requiring every member practising in body corporate management to maintain a high standard of ethical and professional conduct as outlined by its Code of Conduct.

The Code of Conduct is an integral part of the SCA (WA) membership eligibility criteria and helps ensure that there is a high degree of confidence when dealing with SCA (WA) member. Successful complaints may receive a refund. Successful means that an adverse finding against the code of conduct is handed down by the PSMBAG.

SCA (WA) Code of Conduct



Strata Community Australia (WA) was established in 1989 as the Strata Titles Institute of WA (STIWA), overall objective of raising and maintaining a high standard of management in this field and providing education and training for members.

SCA (WA) is concerned with establishing standards of behaviour of members both in their association with their clients and the general public, and with one another.

Members are directly responsible for upholding the reputation of SCA (WA) and of a high standard of ethical practice.


SCA (WA) views that it is unethical to purchase or offer any form of inducement to a developer or owner to procure the owners corporation management rights to a property. That is, it is unethical to offer any form of financial reward or discount or preferential treatment to a developer or owner in order to get the business.

The overarching question to be considered is: "Does it influence the decision of the Strata Community?"

The SCA (WA) Professional Standards Committee includes two representatives from the SCA (WA) Board along with members from other regions across Australasia.

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