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Our Committees


Industry Advancement Committee 

Andrew Chambers - Convener
Mark Atkinson
Alissa Hammond
Nick Swallow
Taryn Linfoot
Mikayla Wallace
Jason O'Meara

Patrick Hughes 
Shaun Brockman
Kerrin Simmonds

Develop policies to advance the industry relating to matters of public interest arising from the strata sector; respond to proposed legislation, government policy or decisions affecting the strata sector and plan and progress law reform relevant to strata titles.

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Industry Understanding Committee 

Professional Reputation Committee

Damien Moran - Convener
Jordan Dinga
Melanie Duryea
Warren Kiddle
Lee De Castro

Kerrin Simmonds

Transform the industry reputation of those who work in strata by ensuring all members increase their professionalism by joining our accreditation and certification programs, and to deliver a considered career choice which is recognised as a specialist profession in the property industry.  

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Board Governance, Finance and Risk Committee

Kyra Murphy - Convener
Catherine Lezer
Leonie Milonas
Angela Swinbourne
Xian Burton
Inge Schaefer
Carmen Nelson 
Melissa Repacholi
Luke Downie
Joanne Dunn

Sharon Martin
Jack Leighton-Jones

Kerrin Simmonds

Identify the training needs of members to increase their industry understanding by developing the content for an annual professional development program that meets those needs, in accordance with the SCA (WA) Strategic Plan and to a level sufficient to allow members to achieve their CPD point requirements. 

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Andrew Chambers - Convener and Treasurer 
Warren Kiddle - Secretary
Catherine Lezer - President
Kerrin Simmonds

Provide an overview of existing practices and approaches, identify good practices that can stimulate and guide improvements in relation to financial management, risk management, statutory accountability, and audit and financial statement matters.

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National Board Advisory Groups Representation

Professional Standards and Membership (National Reps)
Warren Kiddle 
Melanie Duryea

Strata Management Practice Standard (National Reps)
Scott Bellerby

Education (National Reps)
Kyra Murphy  
Sharon Martin (Observer)

Events and Marketing (National Reps)
Xian Burton

Government Relations (National Reps)
Catherine Lezer

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