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Water Emergency - Timing is Crucial, So Who Do You Call?

You’re sitting on the couch in the family room watching TV, relaxing for the night and you hear a peculiar bang. Thinking nothing of it, you don't react. Moments later, from the corner of your eye, you can see water coming out of the master bedroom doorway and into the family room.

It’s an all-familiar story for some and the damages could be ample. A burst flexi hose from the bathroom vanity has caused water to pump out at an alarming rate.

But what are the best steps to take to minimise further damage? If you receive a phone call from an occupant in this scenario, the first question should be – ‘Has the water been turned off from the source?’ The sooner the water is isolated, the less damage will occur. But who do you call?


Having an emergency plan for water damage to an apartment or unit is crucial. Knowing your first point of call is pivotal to the stages that follow. Reacting correctly will ensure minimal secondary damage to the property and that of the surrounding properties should you be situated in an apartment complex.

Having an 'on call' restoration company on standby will enable a prompt response and the correct procedure to be carried out.

The difference between having a specialised restoration company attend against just a normal carpet cleaner, is the knowledge of the hazards that may present in the event that the correct procedure is not carried out.


Excess water should always be extracted from the area upon initial attendance. This ensures better success in the attempts to restore the flooring. A restoration company that is trained in water damage is knowledgeable about looking outside the box. For example;

• What room backs onto this wall that has high moisture?

• Does the underlay need to be removed as to not hinder the drying process?

• Is water caught behind the skirting or moisture trapped in the wall cavity and waterlogging the insulation?

All areas are assessed, and moisture mapping completed.


Drying the affected area must be done thoroughly and correctly. Installing only fans to the room may not sufficiently dry the flooring which not only may cause mould growth, but it may also be a lengthy process. A restoration company knows the importance of using the correct drying equipment and the balance of applying controlled heat and air exchange to efficiently extract moisture from the flooring and within the air. The correct equipment eliminates the chance of mould growth while also speeding up the drying process.


The safety of our workers is so important. But what about the responsibility placed on us in an event such as this when it comes to the potential hazard of mould. During the restoration process, our expert team install a portable Air Detoxifier in the area. This HEPA filtration system improves the air quality by dispersing VActive Gel vapours into the air whereby reducing harmful indoor bacteria, viruses, microbes, mould and toxins. For the safety of the occupants, a mould treatment is also performed to ensure the area is sanitised and the growth of mould is eliminated.


Observing the drying progress is necessary in case the drying equipment needs to be repositioned. Once the area has reduced to a dry standard, the affected areas of carpet will require a steam clean. This properly sanitises and deodorises the area to ensure that the carpet won’t be a breeding ground for harmful mould spores. The reason a restoration company should be engaged to complete this, is that they are experienced in ensuring the right levels of steam and water penetrate the carpet, additionally ensuring that all the water is extracted during this cleaning process.


Overall, by having a water damage restoration company ‘on call’ with an action plan in place for emergencies, eliminates delays and problematic issues. Engaging a restoration company ensures immediate attention, thorough processes with successful results completed in a timely manner. What is the end result? Successfully mitigating loss, reducing resultant building damage, and streamlining the claim life.

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