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What is Strata?

A strata title lot can be described as “a defined portion of a building, group of buildings or land for which a separate Certificate of Title is issued”. In Western Australia these properties are all subject to the ‘Strata Titles Act 1985’, because they're all registered as Strata Titles or Survey-Strata Titles at the Western Australian Land Information Authority (Landgate).

Strata title is an Australian innovation in property law that has been copied around the globe. It allows individual ownership of part of a property called a ‘Lot’, and can be applied to many different property 'types' combined with shared ownership in the remainder (called 'Common Property' e.g. foyers, driveways, gardens) through a legal entity called the Strata Company.

Property types can include:

  • Apartments

  • Townhouses

  • Commercial Offices

  • Factory Units

  • Retail Mixed use – retail and/or commercial and/or residential

  • Retirement Villages

  • Serviced Apartments

How many strata titles are there in Western Australia?

Total Number of registered Strata/Survey-Strata Plans in Western Australia as at 30 June 2015:

  • As at 30 June 2015, the total number of registered strata plans in WA is 64,769 creating a total of 293,986 lots.

  • Of these, 48,511 are strata plans and 16,258 are survey-strata plans.
    -   2-5 lot strata plans total 40,737 and created 101,588 lots; 6-10 lots strata plans total 4,475 and created 34,180 lots; 11+ lots strata plans total 3,299 and created 91,314 lots.
    -   2-5 lot survey-strata plans total 15,277 and created 34,706 lots; 6-10 lots survey-strata plans total 571 and created 4,262 lots; 11+ lots survey-strata plans total 410 and created 10,325 lots.

  • Further information is available on the Landgate website, and the following links

  • Business Activity Profile 

  • Lot Creation Statistics

A Guide to Strata Tiles

This book is produced as a community service by the Western Australian Land Information Authority (Landgate) to give people a basic understanding of strata titling principles.


The Function of the Council in a Strata Company

What does the Council of a Strata Company do?

What decisions can the Council make?
Who can be elected to Council?
Initiating Expenditure
No elected Council - the pitfalls  -  Read about it here

The Role Of The Council In Strata Company Management - by Ian Laird

This manual provides the resource material for Councillors to gain the knowledge necessary for them to discharge their individual and collective duties and powers with confidence. For a copy, please email Ian Laird - (cost $33.00)

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