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Building our brand presence and recognition as the pinnacle voice of strata to Government and the public as we uplift our professional standards and enhance consumer protection and confidence. 

SCA (WA) is committed to building our brand presence and recognition as the pinnacle voice of strata to Government and the public, as well as uplift our professional standards, strengthen, and enhance consumer protection and confidence, and achieve government and public recognition of strata community management as a respected profession.


At the AGM’s for both 2022 and 2023, SCA (WA) members committed to raise and invest a Professionalism Pathway fee. Issued to Corporate Strata Management members, the fee was raised in February 2023 and will again be issued as part of the 2024/25 membership renewals. The rate is calculated based on the membership renewal declarations.


  • 0-2,500 lots - $500 + GST

  • 2,501 lots and above - $0.20 + GST per lot


These funds will be invested in a range of activities to promote SCA (WA) members through external branding and marketing, and to assist members undertake the required professionalism accreditation.


Any new memberships will contribute on a pro-rata rate through to 30 June 2025.


SCA (WA) is in the process of developing a marketing campaign and messaging by engaging with members, external stakeholders and raise public and brand awareness, with the objective to:

  • Highlight the benefits of having a property managed by an SCA (WA) member

  • Generate enquiries to the SCA (WA) website.

  • Promote membership to the SCA (WA) for all strata management professionals

  • Increase awareness of the accreditation program and increasing professionalism of the industry.

  • Encourage Strata Managers to achieve accreditation through SCA (WA) and promote the benefits of membership.

  • Encourage owners to seek these accreditations when selecting a Strata Manager.


The campaign is developed to be released across three phases, which will:


  • Encourage people to choose an SCA (WA) member as a strata manager; then

  • Encourage people to choose an Accredited SCA (WA) member; and then

  • Encourage people to choose an SMPS certified SCA (WA) member.


This will ensure all members benefit from the campaign and encourage them to move forward on the accreditation and certification pathway.


Through engagement with our SCA (WA) individual Strata Manager members, we will work together to achieve their Accreditation by 30 June 2024. Whilst supporting Corporate Strata Management members to achieve SMPS by 30 June 2026.


We are working towards the adoption of the Professional Standards Scheme. The scheme provides consumers with a heightened level of trust in dealing with recognised professionals and the public with greater knowledge of the strata sector and strata management profession.


A PSS is regulated by Professional Standards Council (PSC) which has been established by Australian state and territory governments as an independent statutory body responsible for promoting professional standards and consumer protection. Should we implement the PSS scheme, SCA would be in a position to be recognised as the pinnacle of the strata industry by Government and other industry stakeholders.


Approved under Professional Standards Legislation, the scheme for SCA (NSW), who achieved this in 1 July 2021, limits the occupational liability of a participating member for damages arising from a single cause of action to the amount of $750,000.

The following elements and features identified as requirements of professionalism are incorporated in the PSS.

  • Public Service

  • Member adherence to ethical standards

  • Specialist knowledge and skills

  • Education and training

  • Independent auditing of professional elements

  • Accountability and transparent performance measures


Four of SCA’s key pillars are contained within PSS, Code of Conduct, Accreditation, Continuing Professional Development & SMPS Strata Management Practice Standards.

By implementing Professionalism Pathway and PSS we, SCA (WA) members are in a position to be recognised as the pinnacle of the strata industry by Government and other industry stakeholders.

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