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Join us for our biggest event of the year where over 200 strata industry members come together at the CHU SCA (WA) 2022 Convention on Friday 4 November to explore what can be achieved using the Power of Community, and gain new perspectives about working and living in strata.

Featuring a full program of expert speakers including three keynotes, a trade show exhibition, and extensive opportunities for networking, this convention will leave attendees inspired to make individual changes that can make a world of difference.
Building a community to accomplish good things can be challenging, but with strong leadership, good relationships, and sound knowledge, a positive encouraging culture can be created. 
Our program will provide you strategies to improve the underpinning key elements that make a strata community more unified, powerful and capable of making a difference.

  • Leadership – Management vs Leadership

  • Building Culture - Building a positive culture in a community

  • Participation – How to encourage participation

  • Relationships - Building and Rebuilding Relationships,

  • Knowledge Sharing - Strategies to share knowledge - encourages engagement, collaboration and communication, creates collective wisdom and & new ideas

8:00am - Registrations Open 

9:00am - Convention begins

9:00am - Introduction 

9:05am - Welcome to Country 

9:15am - President's Welcome

9:25am - CHU Underwriting Agencies Welcome

9:30am - Power of Community Video

9:35am - Keynote one - Karl O'Callaghan I The Power of Community 

10:25am - Morning tea 

11:05am - Presentation one - Chris Irons I Moving Labels 

11:25am - Keynote two - Julian Pace, The Happiness Co. I Leadership and Culture for Happiness 

12:15pm - Lunchtime 

1:30pm - Presentation two - Mladen Jovanovic and Rocky Hemraj I Building more inclusive communities with technology

1:50pm - Keynote three - Amanda Lambros I Cultivating, Curating and Caring for Relationships

2:40pm - Presentation three - Damien Moran, Matt Bird, Scott Bellerby, and Catherine Lezer I Embedded Network Panel Discussion - Powering Communities

3.00pm - Door prizes

3:15pm - President's Closing

3:20pm - Convention concludes, enjoy this break time to prepare yourself for an evening of coastal glamour 

6:30pm - Awards Gala pre-drinks 

11:30pm - Awards Gala concludes 

*Subject to change*



Di Darmody

With over 20 years experience as a journalist and presenter with ABC Radio, Di Darmody is a well known – and popular – voice for listeners in Perth and throughout Western Australia.


Di has presented ABC Radio Perth Breakfast, Mornings, Afternoons, Drive, Saturday Breakfast, The Country Hour as well as National Nightlife. She has also worked on National Grandstand, AFL and WAFL coverage and hosted a variety of regional and state-wide programs across Western Australia.


Now Di is a sought after professional MC, Interviewer, Facilitator and Conference Host, working across WA as well as for national organisations – either in person or virtually.



Power of Community | Karl O'Callaghan

Karl was Western Australian Police Commissioner for 13 years until the end of 2017 and was formerly a career police officer having served more than 43 years. He has been awarded the Australian Police Medal and is an International Paul Harris Fellow, awarded for outstanding community service. Karl oversaw significant reform and cultural change within the WA Police Service and the softening of old hierarchical structures which also resulted in greater gender balance in the most influential management levels of the Service. 

During his time as Police Commissioner he was arguably the most well known and most listened to public sector figure gaining respect for his practical and common sense approach.  He is credited with being one of the only Police Commissioners in Australia to regularly work on the streets with frontline officers.

A passionate and engaging speaker who draws on a vast range of experiences and true-life stories to emphasise his point. His presentation includes good leadership, knowledge sharing, building relationship and positive culture change, and how communities can become powerful.


Cultivating, Curating and Caring for Relationships | Amanda Lambros

Decoding the science of relationships, this session will highlight how to build relationships from the foundation up.  Amanda explores the importance of great relationships and how it impacts on leadership, culture and community. Learn how to cultivate relationships from the inside out, why developing relationships is the simplest most effective way to create a positive and engaging community, and how to shift people from distant observer to active participation.

Leadership & Culture for Happiness | Julian Pace

Leadership and culture for happiness is a session that focuses on flattening out the hierarchy for happiness, empowering self-leadership and ensuring participants leave with a renewed sense of what goes in to being authentic.  

Happiness Co believes everyone holds the ability to create impact, but it is a choice on whether that impact is positive or not. By fostering a sense of community awareness and spirit within the residents, a strata manager can influence a strata community to be united and create opportunities for a better world.


Moving Beyond Labels I Chris Irons

As Former Queensland Commissioner for Body Corporate and Community Management, Chris Irons has seen and heard just about everything in strata. Now working as a strata consultant with a focus on dispute prevention and early resolution, Chris thinks it is time to better understand different strata personality types and ways to deal with them without legal proceedings. Using case studies and experience Chris will provide delegates with insights into why labels are detrimental and how to better approach some of strata’s most stressful, time-consuming and complex people issues.


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Embedded Network Panel Discussion – Powering the Strata Community  I Damien Moran, Matt Bird, Scott Bellerby, and Catherine Lezer

Transitioning to an embedded network is a complex undertaking for both Strata Communities and Strata Managers. This panel discussion will open the conversation on how the panellists have educated, and informed strata communities on how to successfully make the transition. The panellists will share information on where to get support and where cost saving can be found to secure lower energy costs.

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Building more inclusive communities with technology | Mladen Jovanovic and Rocky Hemraj


The movement for communities to become more progressive and socially inclusive is incremental but is happening. Research shows socially inclusive communities are more likely to be cohesive, empathetic and prosperous. A socially inclusive strata community is more than just providing wheelchair access ramps and braille on elevator buttons. In this session Mladen from Bindimaps will showcase new technology which will assist strata communities to provide people of all abilities with a tool to independently navigate unfamiliar spaces in and around their strata buildings.

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Full Delegate Member Registration | $485 incl. GST 
This ticket includes entry to the Pre-Convention Sundowner, Convention, and Awards Gala. Available to SCA Strata Management and Strata Services members only.


Convention Registration | $220 incl. GST 

Includes entry to the Convention only. Available to SCA Strata Management and Strata Services members only.

Awards Gala Registration | $209 incl. GST 
Includes entry to the Awards Gala only. Available to SCA Strata Management and Strata Services members only.

Sundowner Registration | $110 incl. GST 

Includes entry to the Pre-Convention Sundowner only. Available to SCA Strata Management and Strata Services members only.

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SCA (WA) and Bugden Allen Graham Lawyers would like to invite you to the Pre-Convention Sundowner!

Bring your colleagues to kick off your action-packed CHU SCA (WA) 2022 Convention, as we officially begin the conference with a bang. Join us and enjoy the glamorous ambiance, spectacular food, and of course the wonderful company.

Enjoy the Pre-Convention Sundowner from the Mentelle deck featuring unrivaled ocean views with your fellow managers and suppliers.

This is exclusive to our Strata Management members, Strata suppliers members and our annual Sponsor Partners.

It's a great opportunity to meet with all of your fellow industry professionals, so don't wait and register now!

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Awards Gala - Friday 4 November 2022

Venue: Rendezvous Scarborough

Date: 4 November 2022

Time: 6:30pm - late

Theme: Coastal Glamour

Dress code: Formal


The CHU SCA (WA) 2022 Strata Community Awards for Excellence Gala is the night of nights for the strata community in WA where Award Winners and Finalists will be announced. The Gala is also designed to offer all members of the strata community an opportunity to share an end of year celebration with colleagues, associates and peers and SCA (WA) therefore extends a warm invitation to anyone that would like to join in this celebration, regardless of whether or not they are participating in the awards program.

Each ticket includes a three-course dinner and drinks.

  • SCA Member ticket - $209pp

  • Non-Member ticket - $259pp

  • 1 table SCA Members - $1,672 (8 tickets)

  • 1 table SCA Members - $2,090 (10 tickets)

Awards Gala


Rendezvous Hotel Perth Scarborough 

148 The Esplanade, Scarborough WA 6019

Rendezvous Hotel Perth Scarborough is an iconic beachfront hotel overlooking the soft white sand of Scarborough Beach and the sparkling blue water of the Indian Ocean.

Promo Codes: CONV10 – up to 10% discount



Showcase your business to the growing strata industry at SCA (WA)'s largest event of the year. Attracting over 150 strata managers and suppliers, the CHU SCA (WA) 2022 Convention is the prime place to promote your business to a engaged audience.

Whether you would like to highlight your latest products and services in the exhibition or proudly promote your logo on stage, we have a number of sponsorship opportunities available. 


Opportunities Available


Exhibition Booth

$4,180 incl GST

Hosted in the pre-convention foyer where all catering will be served, utilise your creative flair to showcase your newest products and services to the strata industry. Mingle with attendees as they enjoy lunch and make significant connections with industry members.


Sundowner Sponsor
$2,750 incl GST

A night of socialising by the beach, this new opportunity allows one sponsor to have exclusive branding at the pre-convention sundowner in the form of banners and logos, with the option to supply a door prize.


Sponsor a Presentation
Keynote Speaker - $3,300 incl GST
Presentations - $1,650 incl GST

This opportunity is a prominent way to spotlight your banner and logo to an engaged crowd on stage by sponsoring a presentation.

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Program Amendments

Although every effort will be made to keep sessions as represented, SCA (WA) reserves the right to make any necessary changes to the programs.



Written notification of a delegate substitution must be sent to


SCA (WA) is required to comply with the Privacy Act and respects your right to privacy. The information you provide in this registration form will be used to process your registration and provide members with access to information about current and future member benefits, including communication from sponsors. To access or update your personal information please contact SCA (WA).


Cancellation Policy 

Cancellations received prior to 14 October 2022 will incur a 30% charge of your applicable booking. Cancellations received after 15 October 2021 are not-refundable. Substitute delegates are welcome until 5pm Friday 21 October 2022. Confirmed registrants who do not attend are liable for 100% of the registration fee. 

All cancellation must be made in writing to

Force Majeure

Where there is an agreement between SCA (WA) and a Sponsor or registrant, it is automatically null and void if any events offered are cancelled due to an act of God including, but not limited to, hurricane, earthquake, flood, volcanic eruption, tornado, famine, terrorism, war, or pandemic. In the event of cancellation due to an act of God neither party shall be liable for any further payments.

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