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PROGRAM   Knowledge - Culture - Relationships - Participation

Friday 20 November 2020

9:00AM - 3.00PM

8:00am - 9:00am

Registration, Exhibition and Networking Opportunities

Arrive early, register and head into the exhibition room to meet our exhibitors and other delegates.

9:00am - 9:10am


MC Di Darmody and SCA (WA) President, Catherine Lezer

Master of Ceremonies

Welcome to Country

SCA (WA) President, Catherine Lezer

9:10am - 9:30am

The Power of Community

Karl O'Callaghan

A passionate and engaging speaker who draws on a vast range of experiences and true-life stories to emphasise his point. Karl’s keynote presentation demonstrates with good leadership, knowledge sharing, building relationship and positive culture change, communities can become powerful

Sponsored by BCI WA

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10:20am - 10:50am

Morning Tea Break

Make the most of this opportunity to grab your cuppa and connect with exhibitors for your chance to go into the prize draws and simply get networking with sponsors and fellow peers.

9:35am - 9:45am

Moving Beyond Labels

Chris Irons

As Former Queensland Commissioner for Body Corporate and Community Management, Chris Irons has seen and heard just about everything in strata. Now working as a strata consultant with a focus on dispute prevention and early resolution, Chris thinks it is time to better understand different strata personality types and ways to deal with them without legal proceedings. Using case studies and experience Chris will provide delegates with insights into why labels are detrimental and how to better approach some of strata’s most stressful, time-consuming and complex people issues.

Sponsored by Reserve Fund Plans

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9:45am - 10:05am

Leadership and Culture for Happiness

Julian Pace, The Happiness Co.

Leadership and culture for happiness is a session that focuses on flattening out the hierarchy for happiness, empowering self-leadership and ensuring participants leave with a renewed sense of what goes in to being authentic.  

Happiness Co believes everyone holds the ability to create impact, but it is a choice on whether that impact is positive or not. By fostering a sense of community awareness and spirit within the residents, a strata manager can influence a strata community to be united and create opportunities for a better world.

12:30pm - 1:30pm

Lunch Break

Collect lunch and spend time among sponsors and peers, as you continue to connect and chat.

1:30pm - 2:00pm

Building more inclusive communities with technology

Mladen Jovanovic and Rocky Hemraj

The movement for communities to become more progressive and socially inclusive is incremental but is happening. Research shows socially inclusive communities are more likely to be cohesive, empathetic and prosperous. A socially inclusive strata community is more than just providing wheelchair access ramps and braille on elevator buttons. In this session Mladen from Bindimaps will showcase new technology which will assist strata communities to provide people of all abilities with a tool to independently navigate unfamiliar spaces in and around their strata buildings.

2:00pm - 2:50pm

Cultivating, Curating and Caring for Relationships

Amanda Lambros

Decoding the science of relationships, this session will highlight how to build relationships from the foundation up.  Amanda explores the importance of great relationships and how it impacts on leadership, culture and community. l learn how to cultivate relationships from the inside out, why developing relationships is the simplest most effective way to create a positive and engaging community, and how to shift people from distant observer to active participation.

2:00pm - 2:50pm

Embedded Network Panel Discussion - Powering Communities

Damien Moran, Matt Bird, Scott Bellerby, and Catherine Lezer

Transitioning to an embedded network is a complex undertaking for both Strata Communities and Strata Managers. This panel discussion will open the conversation on how the panellists have educated, and informed strata communities on how to successfully make the transition. The panellists will share information on where to get support and where cost saving can be found to secure lower energy costs.

2:50pm - 3:00pm

Draw the door prizes

2:50pm - 3:00pm

President's Official Close

SCA (WA) President, Catherine Lezer

2:50pm - 3:00pm

Official Close

Enjoy this break time to prepare yourself for an evening of coastal glamour 

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